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Ard’s Appliance is your one-stop shop

We offer delivery service with all of our products including providing local certified specialists to set up your new product in your home. We deliver your purchased appliance within 24 hours (unlike our larger competitors which take up to 10 days!) If your product requires an electrician, we will provide a certified electrician to come set up your product. If you purchase a gas product, we will send a plumber to make sure your product is installed and functioning properly. Ard’s Appliance even partners with local carpenters to custom fit cabinetry around your new appliances! We will even remove and dispose of your old appliance!

Ard’s Appliance offers lower prices than big box stores

Through the large buying group Ard’s Appliance is a member of, more orders are placed at a less expensive cost than the big box stores. We are committed to match prices and provide superior customer service, going way beyond the big box stores!


Disclaimer: Returned and damaged items may not apply.

Ard’s Appliance does not stop at the sale

We are a full service store providing everything from the planning home consultations, measuring the space, and remodeling kitchens to same day delivery, maintenance and repairs within 24 hours. Our repair technicians are required to be GE certified.


Ard’s Appliance sells a variety of accessories!

If you purchase an appliance from us there are no secrets! We include everything you need to get your product up and running. If you purchase a washer/dryer, we sell the hoses included in the price so everything is up front!

We provide manufacturer and manufacturer extended warranties!

If your warranty has expired, we provide home repairs within a 40-mile radius.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Customer service is our highest priority!

Ard’s promise is to provide low prices and high quality products.
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